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Work or School Assessment Tool

If you are considering going to school, getting off of disability and going to work, or changing your career, answering these questions may help you identify your employment related needs and goals.


If you are employed, is it:
___Full Time
___Part Time

If you want to work, what are your most important reasons for working?
___To earn more income
___To be challenged
___To meet people
___To be active
___To do something meaningful
___To get out of the house

What work schedule and location would be best for you?
___Part time
___Full time
___At an office
___At home

What type of work would best suit you?
___Temporary work
___Permanent work
___Self employment
___New work
___Work you've done in the past

Do you have a disabling condition(s) that prevents you from performing your previous line of work? If yes, describe.

If you want to enter a new line of work, will you need to learn new skills? If yes, describe.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation programs are designed to help people with disabilities address employment challenges and get training that is appropriate to their interests and abilities.

Do you have a mental or physical condition that interferes with your work? If yes, describe.

Are you interested in vocational rehabilitation services to:
___Train for a new line of work
___Update skills or certification
___Start a business
___Earn a degree
___Obtain equipment for employment at home

Do you know of vocational rehabilitation programs in your area?
___ Yes ___ No


What is your primary interest in going to school?
___Get a GED
___Continuing education classes
___General interest, non credit classes
___Complete a degree
___Earn a technical certification
___Update skills

If you have a professional or technical certification, is it up-to-date?
___ Yes ___ No, I need re-certify

Do you understand the process of applying for admission to school and applying for financial aid?
___ Yes ___ No

Do you need financial aid or other help in paying for your courses?
___ Yes ___ No

Are there other questions or concerns that you have about going to school? If yes, describe.

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