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Work and Other Assistance Programs and Benefits

The Benefits Checklist on the following pages provides a place in which to lay out all of your benefits information. You may need to involve your case manager, partner, or friends as you review all of your benefits and the program requirements. Be pro-active and be sure you understand how each program operates. Before you leap and make major changes, ask questions and review possible scenarios. This will help you evaluate the impact of changes and improve your ability to continue to receive the services and assistance you need.

Take your time as you proceed with this section. Keep asking questions until you have enough information to feel confident and comfortable with your decisions.

Questions include:
• Do I want to work part time and keep most benefits?
• What is the income eligibility requirement for each of my benefit programs?
• If I change my work status, what are my benefit options?
• Which assistance programs do I need to keep working or going to school?
• What if “feeling better” doesn't last and I can't work?