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Money Management Assessment Tool

Getting a sense of your overall financial health and money management goals can facilitate your planning and reduce stress.

Spending and Budgeting

Describe your current financial situation (check one).

Do you have enough money each month to pay your bills?

Would you like to manage your money and debts so you can pay your bills and have a little left over for savings?

Do you have other concerns about managing money and debts? If yes, describe.

Credit and Debt Management

Do you know what your credit rating is?

Do you understand how businesses use credit ratings to make decisions about you and other consumers?

Do you know what you can do to improve your credit rating?

Are you aware that credit counselors can work with you to create a plan for repaying your overdue bills and lower your overall debt?

Do you have other questions or concerns about credit and debt management?

Repaying Defaulted Student Loans

Have you defaulted on a student loan(s) and need to repair it?
___ Yes___ No

Do you know that defaulted loans disqualify you for additional financial aid?

Describe other concerns or questions you have about how to repay your defaulted student loans:

Paying Overdue Taxes to the IRS

If you have unpaid taxes due to the IRS, do you know how much you owe?

Do you know what payment options are available for paying overdue taxes?

Describe other questions or concerns you have about taxes due to the IRS.


Have you considered filing for bankruptcy?

Have you consulted a professional for information and advice?

Do you understand the procedures and consequences of filing for bankruptcy
and how to go about it?

Describe other questions or concerns you have about filing for bankruptcy.

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