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Major provisions of SSDI work incentives include:

Can I work and continue my benefits?

Yes, you can start work right away and begin a Trial Work Period.

1. Trial Work Period (TWP):

(TWP earnings level is set at $880/month in 2019, but varies for previous years.)

Have you ever worked while recieving SSDI?
You can work for up to nine months, earn any amount and still receive your full monthly benefit check.
How many months over the past 60 months did you earn over the TWP earnings level? Subtract this from the nine months to calculate how many you still have.

What happens after the nine-month Trial Work Period?

There is a 36-month period, after the TWP, during which cash benefits will continue for any month that you earn under what SSA considers to be substantial gainful activity (SGA).

2. Extended Period of Eligibility (EPE):

(SGA for 2019 is $1,220)

If you earn less than the SGA a month: If you earn more than the SGA a month:
  • Your full benefit check will continue for at least 36 months
  • Medicare coverage continues
  • If you are still disabled after the EPE, your benefit check and Medicare will continue
  • You will receive checks for three months, and then they will stop
  • Medicare continues for an additional 93 months (seven years and nine months after TWP)
  • You don’t pay for Medicare Part A
  • You do pay for Medicare Part B

3. What if I get sick again or lose my job?

Provided you are unable to work because of your medical condition, you would be able to request reinstatement of benefits within 60 months from the month of their termination.

(NOTE: The dollar amount for the SGA and TWP is adjusted each year based on the national average wage.)

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