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Checklist - Working While on SSI

If you are working or want to work, understanding your current benefits and SSI work incentives will help you make informed decisions about how work will affect your benefits level. Review the following checklist and talk with your case manager or Social Security representative to answer your questions.

SSA Representative:
Phone Number:
Date last called:

Have you informed your representative about your employment plans?

Do you understand?
Yes | No
___ | ___ How earnings affect your total monthly benefit?
___ | ___ What income exclusions you can use?
___ | ___ How to maintain Medicaid coverage?
___ | ___ Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE)?
___ | ___ Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS)?
___ | ___ Continuing Eligibility Review?
___ | ___ What happens if you get sick or lose your job?
___ | ___ What options are available to you when SSI ends?

What questions or concerns do you have about working while on SSI?

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