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Major provisions of SSI work incentives

1. Can I work and keep my benefits?

You can work and earn up to $1,627/month, the "break even point," before you lose your full check.
($1,627 is based on 2019 federal benefit rate (FBR) of $771/month)

2. How does earning money affect my benefits?

The first $85 ($20 general, $65 earned income) is excluded from your Countable Income, after that half of what you earn over that amount is deducted from your SSI check.

3. How much income can I earn before I lose my monthly check?4. What if I earn over the SSI income limit of $1,627?
The SSI income limit is $1,627. Your checks will stop.

5. Will I lose Medicaid coverage if I work?

Medicaid will continue if you earn less than the SSI limit or if, when you earn over the SSI limits, you're still disabled, cannot afford similar medical care, and depend on Medicaid in order to work. (See 1619(b))

6. How can I reduce my monthly countable income?

SSI work incentives include deductions for Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE) and money invested in a Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS).

7. What if I get sick or lose my job?

If you lose your job within 12 months after your SSI payments have stopped (because your earnings were too high) and you are still disabled, your benefits will start again without an application within 60 months of your last check.

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